The Wogan Years

woganTerry Wogan’s evening chat show was a BBC weekday evening ever-present in the 1980s, and as I recall not a bad show, certainly I do remember watching a lot of it.

It was usually fairly innocuous chat and book/film/album plugging and a musical number, but by sheer weight of probability multiplied by sheer frequency having some standout moments. David Icke, previously known as a Des Lynam lite mid range snooker presenter declared himself the son of God during one interview. Bowie came on with Tin Machine and refused to say anything much, but a little more than Anne Bancroft who completely clammed up on air and answered only in monosyllables. I was a bit taken with Anne Bancroft at the time, probably from watching the Graduate, and I remember being extremely disillusioned.

Most famously of all, George Best was shamefully set up. He was known to be an alcoholic, but allowed to drink in the Green Room prior to the interview and came on only to be humiliated and shut down unceremoniously, reflecting absolutely no credit on anyone involved.

Amongst the musical guests were three Sprout performances, presented here. “When Love Breaks Down” ( which was presumably from the early days of the show, November 1st 1985. Then of course “The King of Rock N Roll”, May 4th 1988, though for this performance Sue Lawley, famously name-checked by the Police, is the presenter. And the final performance is “Looking For Atlantis”, August 20th 1990, during which you catch a glimpse of Wogan himself.


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  1. Martin strumming the bass furiously. Neil using brushes. About 1,000 sounds being heard yet unplayed. I know it was common in those days but these mimed performances were just dreadful.

  2. Terrific stuff, many thanks for sharing this, Wendy undoubtedly simply beautiful !
    Their appearance performing When love Breaks Down is a nostalgic classic appearance,the best time to watch it is night time after midnight in the dark. No matter how long ago the whole band was around they indeed stood test of time in big style making many of us appreciate probably more than before how good and unique they are. Prefab Sprout songs shall live in my heart forever.

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