Ebay Item of the Week – October 11th 2015

philGoing a little early on this one, but it’s a short listing of only a couple of days.

Now OK, it looks like it’s been sandpapered – for some reason Philippines singles always do – and OK, even given the scratches and bumps the actual musical content is readily available elsewhere, but there’s something I find ineffably exciting about these far flung relics. This the single “Appetite” incidentally, “The Yearning Loins” is the B-Side.

The Philippines has always rather surprisingly been a bit of a Sprout outpost in South East Asia,  and there are a few local pressings and official cassettes of albums (not to mention various counterfeits) which can be found with a bit of effort. Singles are more difficult, particularly at a reasonable cost, because the sellers are usually fairly shrewd and bang the price right up when selling to anyone who looks like a collector. This one appears to have made its way to the US so it’s starting off relatively inexpensive.

And isn’t it fun to think that while the band were plugging away on the 1985 winter tour of UK Universities, their disks were spinning in tropical jukeboxes? And such jukeboxes were presumably where these disks came from, and when removed they were presumably stacked up somewhere, hence the habitually poor condition.

Click on the graphic for the listing.


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