Ebay Item of the Week – Sept 30th 2015

swoonThese aren’t exactly uncommon, they do turn up fairly regularly, but Swoon being a fairly low rent release there aren’t quite so many as other white labels. And they’re fun to have – these were the earliest pressings of the albums, usually identical to the first pressings on the vinyl. They tend not to have been played much, so if you can get a good condition copy you’ll have about the best vinyl going.

The same seller has a Steve McQueen white label, also nice, but for my money Swoon is marginally more desirable.

The rarest white labels incidentally, leaving aside singles which do turn up now and again, are Protest Songs in the released version, and an A1/B1 Jordan test pressing which was presumably rejected because it sounded rubbish. Legend has it that a box of original 1985 Protest Songs is out there somewhere, but I’ve never seen one.

As previously, click on the picture to get to the Ebay listing.

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