Help Needed: Mysterious German Cutting

imageCalling for help in identifying something that turned up in a collection of cuttings recently, with a particular emphasis on German visitors.

In fact it’s not so much the cutting itself, but the intention behind it. It’s quite clearly a cut out insert. It’s marked with scissors to indicate where to cut and fold it, and it’s CD size, also containing notes in German and a little discography. It would work beautifully as the insert to a PVC CD envelope, or folded in as the front of a jewel case. Or it could be designed to fit into an index box.

Marked also as part of “100 Meilensteine” and “Zounds 86”, and there’s a handwritten note on the back “Zounds 4/92” which indicates the magazine it comes from. Obviously this is a 100 Great/Milestone Albums collection, and I guess could be number 86.

Intriguing though, because it’s not at all obvious what it relates to. I’ve seen inserts like that printed for use with cover CDs from magazines, but there’s no indication I can find that Zounds issued these.

If anyone has any definite knowledge of what this might be I’d be most grateful.



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  1. “Zounds” was a short-lived German music magazine, there where only nine issues which appeared from January to September 1992. One of their regular features was what they called the “Basis-Discothek:” a list of 100 essential albums which they started in the first issue and ran as a series, only making it down to number 69.
    So you’re right, Steve McQueen is No. 86 on their list of album milestones. Only they didn’t have a cover cd; the idea was to just have cut out sleeves which you could add to the original CDs you either already owned or bought after you read their endorsement: as a more in-depth addition to the original booklet and liner-notes.
    The liner-notes are somewhat corny and heavy on rock-journalism clichĂ©s, but it’s nice that they include quotes from other magazines, among them one from their competitor “Spex.”
    Some issues of “Zounds” are on German ebay, but not this particular one at the moment.

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