It was 29 years ago today… Salford University, October 26th 1985

maxwell2Slipping slightly out of sequence for the live recordings, but it’s irresistibly the 29th anniversary of this concert to the day, and given this recording has just come to light and is completely uncirculated, it seems an ideal excuse to get it out there.

There are better recordings of this tour, but this one finds Paddy relaxed in front of a receptive audience and it’s a hugely enjoyable listen. Wendy was suffering from a chest infection during this part of the tour, and “When Love Breaks Down” was yet to be a hit, so “Don’t Sing” is announced as the big number.

Michael Graves is on keyboards, Kevin Armstrong has left the live lineup (and is missed by someone in the audience, to Paddy’s amusement).

The recording is mono, and comes from Kirky and his brother, to whom much thanks. It’s much as he sent it, except I’ve done a little light equalisation – I might revisit this in time. As this is uncirculated we’ll do something to make it available for download, with the first stop being a lossless version via dimeadozen.

If there are any more recordings lurking, you know what to do…


2 thoughts

  1. Nice find, Tim
    I went to that Uni myself, but had left by that time. I remember seeing Sad Cafe there, with support band Frogbox!

  2. Awesome, I attended this gig (and next evening same venue Propaganda). I still remember being given a flyer for protest songs on the way in. The audience loved them this night and Neil Conti took to the mike to thank them at the end. Great memories thanks for this.

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