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dolbyandcoI’m interviewing Thomas Dolby on Monday. He has a book forthcoming so I asked him if he’d like to have a chat for a couple of features here for a mini promotion, and he kindly said yes.

So this is your opportunity to send questions – put them as comments to the post – which if I have time I’ll be delighted to put to him. The aim is to spend half the time talking about his work and his book, and the remainder about his work with the Sprouts, and I want to attempt to avoid the well covered ground, so bear that in mind.

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  1. good luck with that Tim. Away from the Sprouts, I’d just love to hear his memories of Live Aid day, and playing it with David Bowie and Neil Conti. Thanks, Mick in Ireland

  2. Two question remains for me:
    – If Tomas has heard about the cover that Steve Hackett (ex-Genesis) did from his song “The Devil Was An Englishman” on Steve’s solo Album “To Watch The Storm” (2003) ?
    – If Thomas would help Paddy in producing an possibly new Sprout Album?

  3. Ask him why he always rejected the song “Snowy Rents A Dog”! Would love to hear his story about it. 🙂

  4. I’d like to know what he thought of Paddy’s acoustic versions of tracks from Steve McQueen and the age old question “any chance of you working together again?”

    I read he auditioned for XTC after Barry Andrews left – what happened?
    What was it like working with Joni Mitchell.

    Good luck on Monday – I look forward to reading the interview.

  5. Can he provide any information on Ravivar Fiore? What is the woman singing about and what language is she singing in? Also, does he have any intention of releasing a live album of the Invisible Lighthouse Tour? Finally, with his involvement with TED and teaching at Johns Hopkins, does he foresee himself recording new material in the near future?

  6. Here’s my question : “Of all the Prefab Sprout albums, Jordan : The Comeback seems to set an engineering and production high water mark. Which song presented the most challenge from a production perspective and why?”

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