Postbag Roundup – February 25th 2015

imageIt’s been a while, and things have been building up a little on the collecting front.

Some of this has been referenced already here. So there is the “Thirsty Ears” transcription disk with the Zenith Data Systems sponsored interview, and a couple of promo photos

Then some Japanese clippings with nice photos, and another Japanese Magazine, which has about the best headline ever: “Morrissey: will he suicide?”. Fortunately for the pathologically miserable, he didn’t.

A ticket for Glasgow Barrowlands, 1990s which above all makes me wish the recording reputed to exist of this concert would turn up somewhere.

And two standard albums – a reissue of Jordan on CD that I’d somehow missed, and an Irish manufactured Steve McQueen. A while ago I bought what purported to be an Irish pressing of Steve McQueen. but with Kitchenware labels. “Irish pressings” are on very thin vinyl, translucent when held up to the light so the effect is of a slightly brown vinyl – I was a bit dubious but it was different from other copies so I kept an open mind. Anyway the new one is on the Irish CBS label with a proper “record manufactured in Ireland”, and is just as translucent, so probably it proves the point. Interesting little completist backwater anyway. Well it is to me.

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