Postbag Roundup – May 24th 2015

imageA bumper crop this time. I did one of my periodic trawls through Discogs, and as usual found a number of things I don’t have. The “Electric Guitars” and “Prisoner of the Past” CDs are European issues I’d not previously spotted, and there are two of each of the card sleeved versions, one sealed and one to look at. As part of the process of purchasing these, another copy of “Prisoner of the Past” which is a duplicate turned up by mistake. I never bother complaining about this sort of thing but it’s surprisingly common for dealers to mislabel material.

Also on this theme, a three track 3″ “Looking for Atlantis” in retail blister pack. There are also two track versions of the same single in the 3″ format and I’d mistakenly thought this was the only issue.

Top right, an Australian promo of ES1015 “When Love Breaks Down”. Lots of variants of this for some reason.

I’d noted “When Love Breaks Down” the compilation in a piece on collecting, as something very difficult¬†to find. Well five copies turned up from a Italian seller midweek last week, so I bought another one. Also coincidentally on the same rarity list was the prize item this time round, a near mint vinyl copy of the “BBC In Concert” transcription disk. I was delighted to pick it up on Ebay for ¬£95 having paid a lot more for a badly scratched copy some time back. This disk has now been professionally digitised to high resolution audio and I’ll be making it available in due course, probably via dimeadozen rather than here.

And finally, the photobombing from the Prefab Sprout Monkeys. Possibly my favourite thing ever, brilliantly custom made by a wonderfully talented woman in the North East.

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