Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany: December 13, 1985

fabrikSet Listing

01 Moving The River
02 Cars and Girls
03 Bonny
04 Faron Young
05 Hallelujah
06 Lions In My Own Garden
07 Wicked Things
08 Goodbye Lucille # 1
09 Don’t Sing
10 Tiffany’s
11 When Love Breaks Down
12 When The Angels
13 Appetite
14 Cruel
15 Faron Young
16 When Love Breaks Down

A recording of this concert exists, excellent audience recording, very low level crowd conversational noise, otherwise could be mistaken for soundboard. Aiwa CSJ 1 + Aiwa CM 30 Cassette (master) – SpinDoctor – Audacity 1.3.2 – xACT

One thought

  1. I’m so happy that I found this. I remember standing in the audience that night and Paddy saying that they had run out of songs to play at what would normally have been the end of the set. So they just played “Faron Young” and “When Love Breaks Down” all over again.

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