Andrew Collins, 6Music – June 30th 2003

The work I did on Paddy’s 1999 visit to Japan has been turning up a lot of material, and is the reason I’ve been a little quiet, there is a shedload of material coming out of it.

One lead amongst many being a reference to this interview from a fan bulletin board. I put out a facebook request to see if anyone had a copy, and one duly turned up – doesn’t usually happen as easily as this, but I’m not complaining.

It seems to have been recorded via a capture of the PC audio it was played on, including a few indicator beeps and so on. From the “Megahertz” promotion.

Andrew Collins, broadcaster, writer, and a genuine fan, was also the lucky guy who, with Stuart Maconie, was treated to a late night piano performance of the Sprout greatest hits as the conclusion of this 1992 NME interview.

One thought

  1. Bikonic, you might say! I enjoy that quality that they’re having fun & nothing matters. If you feel like a cute pun, you better go ahead with it.

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