Les Doigts dans la Prise – September 24th, 1988

doigtsFrom a selection of French videos obtained in what was the second most dodgy deal I’ve ever done for Sprout material, complete with Western Union transfers and dark grey overcoats in a cold Ukrainian dawn.

But a rather marvellous little piece. It has Paddy tickling the ivories, it has a studio shot version of Cars and Girls with Wendy looking lovely, and it has the band looking rather bored having presumably been dragged over to France to act as window dressing while Paddy was interviewed.

They did get free drinks though.

In the original piece as uploaded to Youtube, the sound was on one channel only, and the commentary and interview was, unsurprisingly, in French. So I’ve fixed the sound and added subtitles, having carefully and forensically listened to the soundtrack to discern Paddy’s ACTUAL words. Sproutology strains its ears so you don’t have to…

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