Old Grey Whistle Test: (Broadcast) December 12th 1985

Set Listing

01. Goodbye Lucille #1
02. When Love Breaks Down

The OGWT Volume 2 DVD contains the live performance of “When Love Breaks Down”, and a VHS sourced copy of “Goodbye Lucille #1” is on Youtube.

“The OGWT was live and went out live, I remember that one. We opened the show, I had all the guitars nicely tuned and 30 seconds before the Whistle Test title sequence they turned on the air conditioning because of the studio lights. Not sure if you know much about guitars but they dont like sudden changes in temp, so Paddy’s guitar went out of tune and there was nothing I could do about it with a few million people looking on – for the 2nd number they did later not a problem, I had time to retune everything.”

Bob Edwards, (Prefab Sprout Guitar Roadie)

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