Meet Clark Kent

A couple of publicity photographs in lovely hi resolution format.

One very well known, and a bit odd, with Wendy crouched in a printed wrap, and Paddy in Swoon T-Shirt. This one was published quite a lot in magazines. A band in search of a visual identity.


And the other I don’t think has been much circulated, for reasons which are relatively easy to guess. Paddy as Clark Kent with enormous specs, demure Wendy, and Martin not really making much of an effort. A band in search of Specsavers.



3 thoughts

  1. Thanks for the pics what can you say , great any way my favourite band of all time, just love prefab sprout still following to this day just as many years ago , love your reports to , once again thanks to you to , cheers Paul ,

  2. “Nothing sounds as good as, I remember that!!” Love these images of them, takes me back! I have never seen them before. I remember wearing enormous Buggles type spectacles like that. Garamond Italic had a profound effect on me at that time you know. I am an old man now but I still swoon when I see our Wendy!

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