50 Shades of Crimson/Red

I posted about the leak of “Crimson/Red” some time ago. It was certainly the first time I’ve ever been involved from front to back of a Prefab Sprout release, and instead of picking things up retrospectively I was delighted to be following the sequence of releases and promotional work as events unfolded. And it was a great year: the promotional campaign of interviews appeared to pick up momentum as Paddy seemed even to be enjoying the acclaim, and I found the band becoming cool for once.

Here are some of the things that turned up over the year. Mouse over for commentary.

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  1. Really interesting insights. I missed out on the original signed versions (had I known about it I would have been all over it), but have seen some pop up on eBay from reasonably priced to outrageous asking prices. I figure I’ll eventually hunt one down –it’d be the crown jewel in my Prefab collection– but it’s good to know about the different versions and CD-R promotional releases. I really wish something had come of that video competition for Billy, but given that the single release was canceled I’m not surprised. Still one of the highlights of this beautiful album.

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