Postbag Roundup – August 7th 2016

imageA big pile of miscellaneous stuff this time.

Quite a number of Magazines, including the Italian Vogue and i-D magazine features which have already been featured. Also in there is a Spanish magazine with a gig review and a local Glasgow Arts magazine, “Cut” with a very good but slightly controversial interview from 1988 which will be posted this week.

Three Spanish single sided promo singles. Not for the singles themselves, but because one of them came with a press release and I’m collecting press releases at the moment.

An unopened “long box” of Jordan. Long box format was a US idea to allow CDs to be browsed in racks like LPs, and I have a nice little sub-collection of these. As the packaging was superfluous and tended to be thrown away, they’re not easy to come by.

Last but not least, a ticket for the 1990 Lyon gig, and a couple of promo photographs, including a signed one.

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