Postbag Roundup – December 5th 2015

postbagAlways nice to arrive back after a holiday to a stack of packages in the mail. And this was a particularly good one.

A selection of magazines for starters, general interviews which will of course be appearing here as I get back into gear over the Christmas break.

“Jordan Revisited” and a Sunday Times compilation with a single Sprout track make up the CD contingent.

A nice picture from a Japanese magazine, soon to be posted in nice full res for those who like that sort of thing.

A Candle copy of Lions. I’m a sucker for Candle Lions, and I’ve added it to the price guide. The only copy I’m aware of that has been sold this year anywhere.

And a very interesting set of autographs, Paddy on a Protest Songs flyer, and the whole group on an autograph book page. All dedicated to “Angela” and signed at the Studio, Bristol, on November 12th, 1985. The interesting thing here is who “Angela” was, because I have no idea. She had a lot of autographs that were all being sold separately by a dealer, and either a collector or a journalist I suspect. If anyone knows, I’d love more information.

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