Postbag Update – September 1st 2017

In the world of Sproutabilia, there is iconic, and there is ICONIC.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been as excited by something I’ve collected as this. Because it is the very ICONIC “Swoon” sweater – it’s a little bit more than a sweatshirt – as worn by Paddy in various publicity shots including the one included below.

I can’t claim any credit whatsoever for hunting this down, in that it came via erstwhile superfan Bedford, whose now defunct site was one of the main stopoffs on the Internet Sprout tour until relatively recently (you can find that site, and others, via the piece I did on early Sprout home pages.) He offered it to me for the collection, we struck a deal, and I’ve been on tenterhooks until today when it dropped through the door.

Not, of course, the actual shirt Paddy wore, but a very rare piece of merc from way back when, and in pristine condition. Ready to become one of the centrepieces of the items that will be on display in the Langley Park “Sproutlandia” museum when the collection moves up there eventually.

Now to track down Martin’s striped shirt and Wendy’s tea towel!


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