Radcliffe and Maconie – October 8th 2013

This was the first in what turned out to be loads of interviews around the release of “Crimson/Red”. As I recall it was at the time billed as an “exclusive”, which was rather spoiled by there being another on Radio Newcastle the same day – the theory being that Paddy had gone into Radio Newcastle to talk down the wire to Radcliffe and Maconie and been nabbed by the locals.

Anyway a good listen, and I remember being relieved to find him in good humour having heard dark rumours of Biblical rages at the time the leak was discovered.


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  1. Always good when the interviewers are fans. Maconie in particular I believe. When I saw him on his book tour on durham had a copy of Steve McQueen with me but not Paddy although he told a couple of stories of meeting his locally at least one involving a curry

  2. Ha! The Paddyvishnu Orchestra. The next best thing to an unearthed song is an unearthed joke. He’s a regular John McLaughin’

  3. Wow. Admin, since this is a Crimson/Red interview and Paddy mentions the strange dynamic about owing Icebreaker an album, I went and read your Filthy Lucre post which I had seen in the sidebar but hadn’t read til now. The part of this that is gross is that I do not want Paddy exposed to merciless exchange-value thinking if it can hurt him. Honestly, he puts a positive spin on the experience, and he happened to have boxes of songs, but just the idea of somebody coming to the door talking contractual obligation. Human beings forget things, and people who form shell entities on a regular basis are not known for their forbearance. I think of Peter Thiel. Vultures had better keep their hands off of Paddy McAloon is all I have to say, or I will singlehandedly go and persuade a bunch of traders to buy ten billion lira if that’s what it takes to defend the guy. To your interesting question at the end of Filthy Lucre (“Are we pleased these albums were released, even via tax evasion, or would we rather they were left unfunded but morally pure?”) I guess the fact that the album gets made outweighs how it is made, yet the problem comes in dealing with rapacious people if something goes wrong. What would they have done if they had found Paddy and Armstrong to be in breach of contract? Sued them into a miserable life? So now we got an album by a Faustian bargain, but at a terrible cost. If there is not any danger to the artists themselves (or if it is just a consortium of orthodontists) then I guess it could be worse. How much money can you really quarantine this way? It seems inefficient compared to all of the other tricks that PwC and the others can engineer for you.

    The Filthy Lucre piece and the Sproutnet thread is good journalism. I have the bug for this world as well. I read the Nicholas Shaxson book and I listen to the Taxcast. Exciting stuff! Ever read the great Yves Smith, or the great Richard Smith? Thanks to Richard, who writes about elaborate ponzis, I went and watched the hearing where Margaret Hodge is excoriating HSBC. It gives me itchy fingers to play sleuth, find something out and write about it, but if I could just snap my fingers and do that, PwC would not be earning their high fees..

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