The only band I like is Prefab Sprout! – Wendy Speaks. April 27th, 1985

It’s quite unusual to find an interview where anyone other than Paddy speaks – there is, reputedly, a semi-mythical Australian one where his brother Michael imitated him, but that was an exception to the rule. It’s a shame in many ways because in particular the rare parts where Martin talks are invariably fascinating. A little bit outside the Paddy “bubble” so to speak.

Anyway, this one where Wendy is the main feature turned up recently on Ebay, and I picked it up after a bit of failing to figure out where it came from to see if I could get it cheaper. It’s from the first half of 1985, just before Steve McQueen, and gives an interesting perspective. You can feel the journalist trying his best to dig some controversial statement out of her, but she plays a strong baseline game…


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