Leeds Polytechnic: May 10th, 1984

leedspolySet Listing

01. Diana
02. I Never Play Basketball Now
03. Green Isaac
04. The Devil Has All The Best Tunes
05. Couldn’t Bear To Be Special
06. Ghost Town Blues
07. Technique
08. Hallelujah
09. Spinning Belinda
10. Don’t Sing
11. Cruel
12. Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone)
13. Walk On
14. Diana 2

A recording of this concert is exists. Not bad recording, bit of crowd chatter

“I was a student stage hand, Leeds Polytechnic venue. Some guitars were nicked off stage The band were unhappy and blamed the crew. The kit would have been safe but the crew had been told to go away as the band didn’t want us at the soundcheck… The band called the police! Shouldn’t have been such prima donnas.” Pete Godwin, via Twitter

“The Leeds Poly gig in 84 as I recall was relatively sparsely attended, but then it was a reasonably big space, so there was probably a fair crowd there actually. I’d bought the first 2 singles + Swoon and loved them, and the gig was great. Paddy seemed really confident as a front man. They played a couple of new songs I didn’t know (I would have sworn one was “Cherry Tree”, but the Sproutology set list doesn’t include that. They were Diana, announced as “our next single”, and, apparently, Hallelujah). The Ravishing Beauties supported them, and Virginia Astley from that band played keyboards for the Sprout’s set.” Graham Corless, via Facebook

Leeds Student, May 25th, 1984


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