A New Prefab Sprout Book – Toru Watanabe

Possibly of niche interest, but the Japanese journalist Toru Watanabe is about to publish a book on Prefab Sprout in Japan. Toru Watanabe was the guy who ran the press conference in Shibuya in 1999 and is a long term fan.

For non-Japanese speakers, the book is notable most for the cover art, which is lovely. Roz found a link to the Disk Union site – it is published by DU Books – with some photos of the pages. Generally Japanese books are nicely illustrated and going by the contents of the magazines I have there are some lovely unseen photos by local photographers. Needless to say I’ll be picking up a copy and will report back.

STOP PRESS: Order your copy here. The site is in Japanese, but that shouldn’t stop you. The page also gives the ISBN which is the easy, boring option.


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