More Details of the Record Store Day Release of Acoustic Steve McQueen

Once again I’m indebted to Daneil for the tip that some more details, and the cover art, of the Record Store Day release of “Steve McQueen Acoustic” are now online.

Just to be clear, these are the same versions as on the 2007 2CD anniversary set. They’ll probably have been remastered slightly for vinyl, but there’s nothing new to hear.

No real surprises on the tracklisting, but a nice cover, nodding to the original by being black and white with colouring added. Start queuing at your local record shop now…

1. Appetite
2. Bonny
3. Desire As
4. When Love Breaks Down
5. Goodbye Lucille #1
6. Moving the River
7. Faron Young
8. When the Angels


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      1. Here in the states RSD has always been very proprietary.
        (Certain cities/store get certain things based on their location. i.e Seattle would get a Nirvana release and Minneapolis would get a Prince release, etc.)
        Probably looking at an ebay/Discogs situation here.

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