Hammersmith Palais – 18th November 1985


Stepping past the BBC “In Concert” which was already featured on Sproutology as a CD image and MP3 download link, and can be found as a playlist in the gigography, the 1985 Autumn UK tour closes with this very reasonable recording made by an obliging bootlegger at the Hammersmith Palais.

This was one of my holy grail recordings for ages, I spent forever searching for it: despite it having been mentioned in number of online lists, there was nary a sniff of it anywhere. It finally turned up in a stash of tapes in storage as a Camden Market style tape that had been bought in a Dublin street market, and the owner was kind enough to pass it onto me. So I’ve long had a soft spot for it. Eventually a further upgrade was discovered in the form of a “Big Al” dayglow special, and this is what is presented here.

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