The Doubles

“Paddy was, as you say, at Ushaw, but the seminaries of the N.England amalgamated in 1973 and so he came down to Upholland College in S.Lancashire Nr.Wigan, and was there from 1973-1975.

“I was already there and he joined our sixth form and we were in the same class for English A level. In addition, I also started to play music with him and his close friend Tony Coyle (who taught in Bishop Auckland, when I saw him last).

“They were both brilliant guitarists, I was a bum guitarist, but also played recorders especially tenor, which interested Paddy to the extent that he wrote a song for the school Christmas concert for 2 guitars and tenor recorder. He was so self conscious that he told everybody that it was an obscure Peter Gabriel song and as he was the King of musicology in our eyes we never questioned it! For the life of me I cannot remember the title of that tune.

“We also played at a teachers/parents school evening at a local town under name “The Doubles” which was a name he and Tony had appeared under before in another small concert; its naffness appealed to him especially as there were 3 of us at the time.”

(Michael Callaghan, quoted by Bedford McIntosh)

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