Paddy on BBC Radio 4 – Today Programme, December 10th 2018

And finally… After a few days of waiting, here at last is the R4 interview with Paddy, featuring not only some information on “I Trawl the Megahertz”, but also a snippet of a new song. From “Femmes Mythologiques”, I give you “Cleopatra”…

Nice little package, very nicely edited, and you get the impression that the inteviewer and editor,Nicola Stanbridge, may well be a fan – she was editing the Today show today and the fact it was slipped in at the end may confirm this impression! The musical backdrop was very nicely judged I thought.

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        1. When I read you saying this a few days ago, I assumed you were right. Now I am just confused! But at least there was a real exclusive snippet.

    1. We do – Spike used “Who designed the snowflake” in the soundtrack of “She’gotta have it” reboot, and his brother Cinque is using Paddy’s music for “Chasing Invisible Starlight”. There are some rumours of a further collaboration with Spike but nothing firm.

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